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movies i can’t wait to watch → love, rosie

A: How do I go about seducing a woman who’s out of my league?
R: Hm… well, you’re at a disadvantage being a, you know… virgin.

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Stydia in 4x06 “Orphaned”.

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Anonymous asked: anyone know a resource where i can pay someone to make skins? does skins for 40-45 dollars a piece, that include site templates and everything else you could need. She’s a bit backed up at the moment but, it’s well worth the wait. 


hope this helped. 

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  • Being a celebrity takes a lot of hard work, but if you’re up to the challenge you might find yourself being recognized and loved by the world. starting out in the business and want to make it? here are some steps to guide you…

    step one , you have to be good looking.

    step two , you have…
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Anonymous asked: So I want to play a heavily tattoo'd model (Cleo wattenstrom) on a simple city site. The problem is every single city site out there is full of 1D boys and the teen wolf cast. The last time I joined a site with those faces, she was flat out ignored despite the fact I spammed shippers and even started threads. Any (non-band) sites out there that don't mind having heavily tatted females?

We accept all kinds. We are a celebrity site, though.

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So, a lot of people don’t understand what rape culture is, so I’m going to give you all a little lesson.

Rape culture centers around blaming the victim of sexual assault, rather than the assaulter themselves. 

And that is wrong.

The top picture is me now, and me in third grade.  I was raped almost every school day for the whole of that year.  

Rape culture is my mom asking me, “Did you ask for it?”

Rape culture is I, the victim, asking myself if I was.

Rape culture is people assuming that I was “asking for it” due to my choice of clothes, and what I said and how I acted.

I remember how I asked my rapist every day, to stop, and how I begged my parents to not send me to school.  I remember trying to kill myself in order to escape this terrible fucking reality.  I remember the long, sleepless nights where I’d cry at 2 AM and run to the bathroom to vomit because I was so fucking scared. 

Rape culture is I, the victim, telling myself despite all of this, that I must have asked for it.

Rape culture is an anon messaging me and telling me that I must have dressed provocatively.

And to this, I ask you, “Was my jacket zipper not pulled up far enough?”

Rape culture is having people repeat the words of my rapist years down the line to me, telling me, just like she said to me all those years ago, that I’m a bad person for being raped.  Rape culture is being told that I deserved this.  Rape culture is telling me that it doesn’t matter how many goddamn times it happened.

That is rape culture.

And rape culture is wrong.


This needs a hell of a lot more notes, my friend.

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Marilyn Monroe photographed in 1948 © Edward Cronenweth.

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